Technician fixing a natural gas leak

How to detect a natural gas leak in your home

Natural gas is one of the safest fuels to use in your home, but if you have a faulty or ...
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Car theft prevention with car anti-theft device

Protect your ride with an aftermarket anti-theft device

According to the Insurance Bureau of Canada , automobile theft costs Canadians up to $1.6 billion each year. An average ...
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wheelchair ramp modification for personal vehicles

Do vehicle modifications affect your car insurance?

When it comes to your vehicle, a “modification” is anything that alters its appearance or the way it drives. From ...
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Lady taking with her insurance broker

How working with an insurance broker can save you money

Shopping for home and car insurance can seem overwhelming. With so many different insurance companies to choose from and seemingly ...
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car crumple zone test

What are crumple zones and how do they work?

Like seatbelts and airbags, crumple zones are one of many vehicle safety features designed to help protect you and your ...
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Jewelry and fancy things

Insuring your diamond rings and fancy things

Did you know your home insurance policy could have you covered if someone broke into your gym locker and stole ...
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House decorated for Christmas

Not home for the holidays? Take these simple steps to deter break-ins

The winter holidays are a prime time to get away — and unfortunately, they’re also a prime time for break-and-enters ...
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Unwrapping a big-ticket Christmas gift

Insuring your big-ticket Christmas gifts

When you’re sitting around the tree opening presents on Christmas morning, insurance is probably the last thing you’ll be thinking ...
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Winter road trip

10 tips for a safe winter road trip

It’s no secret that many Canadians like to fly to warmer destinations for a little snow-free R&R in the winter ...
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Garden shed interior view

10 surprising things that are covered by home insurance

Your home insurance policy is designed to protect you and your property in all kinds of emergencies, from fires and ...
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