5 Great Boat Winterizing Tips

winterized boats at marina

It’s already time to start thinking about storing boats for the winter! Unfortunately, winter damage is inevitable if your boat is not properly winterized. The following boat winterizing tips can help protect your boat over the long Canadian winters.

But first, the 3 most common boat insurance claims made during the winter months result from the following:

  1. Accumulated snow on the boat’s shelter – it risks damage if it collapses.
  2. Vermin making a comfy home for themselves in the boat for the cold season can result in substantial damage.
  3. And finally, we have an unfortunate reality called boat theft.

For maximum protection, we recommend that you have your boat winterized by a professional. This is the only way to ensure coverage from any loss or damage due to freezing or capsize during the winter.

Boat Winterizing Tips: 

1. Empty out the boat. Remove all personal belongings, tools, fishing water sports equipment, etc.

2. Have the boat winterized at a marina or a licensed professional, such as a qualified mechanic or watercraft repairer. Keep all receipts in case you need to make a claim.

3. Use a locking device to make trailer hitch inoperable.

4. Check the watercraft after bad weather such as a blizzard, ice storm, freezing rain, etc. Remove any snow, ice or frost that accumulates on the winter cover.

5. Check the boat cover periodically for holes, which are generally caused by vermin and rodents. Patch all holes – ideally, when the animals aren’t inside.

For extra peace-of-mind, consider adding an extra layer of protection for your boat. From wooden hulls to personal watercraft, houseboats to river boats, we provide coverage for a broad spectrum of vessels across Canada.