Business Packages


The Company Brands of David J. Elliott & Associates Inc. include: Sutherland Elliott Insurance Brokers, Gaiser Elliott Insurance Brokers and Thames Financial. We have the ability to insure almost any type of Ontario business from start up, contractor, commercial farming or small to large corporation. Your business is vital to your livelihood, so having it insured properly is our most important mission.

Getting the right insurance to cover your business where it is vulnerable and to help in the recovery process when you are down is critical in today’s global market place.

Every business faces risks. One size package does not fit all in Business Insurance. Our qualified and experienced Business Insurance Brokers will work with you to develop a policy that protects your specific business.


CGL insurance can protect you when your business is found legally liable. No one thinks this could happen to them or their business, but a quick scan of news reports will show you it happens often no matter what line of business you are in.

Some types of liability exposures include Premises and Operations Liability, Products Liability, Complete Operations Liability, Personal Injury Liability and more.

Having the right Insurance Broker is very important in the business world. Ask to speak to our Business Insurance Brokers to learn more about a broad range of packages that can be customized to protect you and your business interests.


Property Coverage, whether you rent, own or lease your office space -- covers your building, contents, stock, tools and equipment. Let us walk you through which coverage best suits your needs.


It is not uncommon for businesses to try and use their own personal vehicles and personal auto insurance for their business needs. But, in the event of an accident, most personal insurance policies will not cover you for all aspects of your daily use. You could get caught not being insured without even knowing it. Our experienced Business Brokers will examine your auto use and find the best policy to protect your auto use. Business Auto Coverage protects you while you make deliveries, haul, tow, visit clients, or pick up your stock with your vehicle.


Built for contractors involved with commercial or residential construction and renovations. Contractor Packages cover the following:

  • Business Contents
  • Commercial General Liability
  • Installation Coverage
  • Tools and Trailer
  • Machinery and Equipment

Contractors Packages can be customized with additional coverage options to protect:

  • Business Income
  • Crane Liability
  • Contract Penalty Coverage
  • Machinery and Equipment loss of use
  • Property off premises or in transit


If your business opens you or your employees to be sued due to the advice or professional services supplied, then you need the right Professional Liability Insurance to protect yourself against claims related to your delivery of professional services.

Your Commercial General Liability coverage will not protect you in the case there has been an error or an omission by your business while performing its services to your customers.


Every type of business is different, but, the insurance companies have started to recognize there are similar industries in the business world. Most plans include Business Property, Business Content and Stock, and General Business Liability.

At the Company Brands of DJE & Associates Inc., we offer a variety of Business Insurance Plans for a wide range of industries including:

  • Realty – Building Owners and Property Managers
  • Professionals – Veterinarians, Funeral Directors, Chiropractors and Dentists
  • Office Plans – Accountants, Consultants
  • Retail Packages
  • Salon Packages – Barber Shops, Salons and Day Spas
  • Builders Risk plans – if you are sub-contracting extensive renovations to your home or business

Pick an Office Near You to Protect You and Your Business


Often referred to as fixed benefits, this coverage picks up where OHIP benefits end and your place of employment does not offer or that is not adequate enough for your family needs. Group Benefit packages usually cover a co-pay portion of medical and dental costs, typically offering up to 80% cost coverage where you pay the final 20% of the prescription, dental or other services like chiropractic or physiotherapy. Be aware these plans publish the annual amount of coverage included in the plan and there are several different packages available and everyone has different needs. Contact us for more details about health and dental plans.


Healthy and happy employees always show up for work. Yet Group Benefits Plans can fall seriously short of addressing the unique situation or family needs of the business Founders. A Health Spending Account is a hybrid version of Group Benefits Plans and conforms to CRA tax laws as a legitimate business expense. We suggest you contact us to learn more about the advantages HSA can offer business owners and their employees.


Most Business Insurance plans either exclude cyber events or offers a built in cyber coverage that amounts to nothing more than a toll-free help line if you have had a cyber event. Storing sensitive data on a computer that a hacker could use, requires serious consideration to purchase Cyber Insurance to protect your company data.

Examples of third and first party coverage on stand alone Cyber Insurance Policies protect the following consequences from a breach:

  • Notifying customers their information has been compromised and legal expenses to determine notification requirements
  • Purchasing a credit monitoring service for affected customers
  • Starting a public relations campaign to manage your company’s public image
  • Business interruption coverage to offset the cost of the lost income due to a covered loss