Farm and Agriculture



Farm insurance can be a combination of Business and Home Insurance. Like any other business, your farm is your livelihood. However, unlike many businesses, your farm may also be your home. We have experience insuring farms for over half a century and would be glad to review your farm and find a plan that fits your needs.

Farm Insurance will cover the farm property, liability, farm dwellings, barns and outbuildings, machinery, equipment, produce and livestock.

Farm Liability Insurance, Livestock Coverage and Cash Crop Insurance are highly customized to adapt to your unique type of farming. Ask A Farm Agent at the Company Brands of David J. Elliott & Associates Inc. to have a thorough analysis designed to cover your farm and livelihood.

Hobby Farm

Not to be confused with Commercial Farms, Hobby Farms or Country Estates are best insured for unique coverage of outbuildings, farm equipment and liability should you rent out land to farmers, or board horses. Standard home insurance will not cover the unique situations on a hobby farm. Talk to us and we’ll be glad to review your specialized needs to customize coverage that is perfect for your needs.