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Vehicles, property, life, travel and recreational toys all need to be insured assets should you need to make a claim in the event of a loss. Knowing how to customize comprehensive coverage takes experience navigating the top Canadian insurance companies and arriving at the best protection for you at affordable rates. Take the first step and talk to one of our agents.


Your home is likely your largest single investment, so it is important to have it properly covered in the event of a loss.

There are multiple types of property insurance from basic fire coverage to a policy that covers you for almost any peril that could occur. Our skilled Brokers will help you select the best property insurance for your needs.

Homeowners Insurance

Although not required by law, Homeowners Insurance will protect your biggest asset. Home insurance covers your dwelling, additional buildings, personal property, if you are not able to stay in your home due to an insured peril, liability coverage and voluntary medical and property damage coverage. Rebuilding a home after a loss is substantially more costly than new construction. Ask about additional special coverage’s and limits such as detached structures like garages, pool houses or sheds.

As well, be aware of replacement limits regarding your contents such as computers, jewellery, original artwork, collections and sporting equipment. Optional coverage for flood, over land water damage and sewer back up can be added to your policy. Special discounts can save you money when you combine your auto policy with homeowners insurance.

Tenants Insurance

You are legally responsibly for any damage you cause to any part of your apartment and for unintentional harm caused to others who live in or visit your property while you are renting. Renters insurance will also ensure that you will be placed in another location if you are not able to remain in your location due to an insured peril (like fire). Tenants Insurance covers your contents and protects you from liability. Save money when you combine Tenants Insurance with your Auto Insurance.

Condo Insurance

This is similar to home insurance but different in that you are not covering the actual dwelling that you have purchased. With condo insurance you will be insuring the inside of the location including betterment and improvements.

Rental Insurance

You will require this insurance when you own a location but don’t live in it and rent it out to others. This coverage is very similar to home insurance but you are able to add on extensions to cover rental income and damage by tenants.

Cottage Insurance

Cottage insurance is different from a homeowner’s coverage because you are not always there to monitor the property. Contact our nearest office to discuss the coverage options.

Hobby Farm

Not to be confused with Commercial Farms, Hobby Farms or Country Estates are best insured for unique coverage of outbuildings, farm equipment and liability should you rent out land to farmers, or board horses. Standard home insurance will not cover the unique situations on a hobby farm. Talk to us and we’ll be glad to review your specialized needs to customize coverage that is perfect for your needs.