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Mortgage Life Insurance

Mortgage Life Insurance Many people opt into the mortgage insurance that is provided through their lender, and unfortunately this is NOT good life insurance coverage. Having an individual life insurance policy to cover your mortgage is better for a variety of different reasons. Ask us why!

Term Life Insurance

This insurance is best suited to protect short term needs such as mortgage protection or income protection. You do not keep this insurance for life, but term insurance features low premiums.

Whole Life (Permanent) Insurance

One of the only guarantees in life is that you will die. Permanent insurance is insurance you keep for your entire life. Can cover final expenses, things like capital gains, or be used for estate planning.

Universal Life Insurance

Universal Life Insurance is the most flexible type of life insurance. Also a type of permanent insurance, but can be used as a Term 100 insurance as well. You can pay the minimum premium or contribute more additional funds that are deposited into an investment account that grows on a tax-free basis.

No-Medical Life Insurance

Do you have a medical condition that has made getting insurance tough, or do you simply not want the hassle of needles and nurse appointment, no medical life insurance is a perfect option. With just a medical questionnaire to get coverage, this convenient and increasingly popular option allows more people than ever access to life insurance.

Senior Life Insurance

Recently retired or a retiree that needs life insurance? We excel in finding solution for our senior clients by partnering with companies that offer competitive specialized products.

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