Travel Insurance


Vehicles, property, life, travel and recreational toys all need to be insured assets should you need to make a claim in the event of a loss. Knowing how to customize comprehensive coverage takes experience navigating the top Canadian insurance companies and arriving at the best protection for you at affordable rates. Take the first step and talk to one of our agents.


Travel Insurance can include trip cancellation insurance to cover unexpected costs of a trip cancellation, interruption or delay so you don’t take a hit for something you have no control over. Travel Coverage protects you and your family from conditions that can impact your financial investment you made in your trip in the first place. Talk to our experienced travel insurance brokers to get a full run-down on all the cancellation and interruptions that are covered.

Emergency Medical and Trip Cancellation

Unexpected medical conditions that impinge your ability to travel, or out of country medical emergencies can be financially devastating if you are suddenly hospitalized in a foreign country. Health coverage picks up where provincial health coverage stops while you are outside of Ontario and Canada. January 1, 2020, OHIP discontinued health care coverage while out of province. We shop the market for affordable coverage. Check in early before you travel to allow us time provide complete, affordable coverage for you and your family members.

Snowbird Protection Outside Canada

Escaping harsh winters in the southern hemisphere comes with serious consequences if you do not have proper medical insurance should you have a medical emergency during your migration to the sun. As of January 1, 2020, OHIP no longer covers out of province medical care. Talk to our Brokers to customize Snowbird Protection while you reside outside of Canada.

Visitors Insurance

While staying in Canada for an extended period of time, your visitor will need to take care of medical emergency needs. All manner of special needs are addressed are addressed with Visitors Insurance coverage. Speak with our advisors before guests or family visit Canada to put the proper coverage in force.


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