Cars stored for the winter months

10 tips for storing your car for winter

While you might still be squeezing in those last few pre-winter rides with your most prized set of wheels, remember ...
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Auto technician winterizing car with new winter tires

How to get your car ready for winter

  Winter will be here before you know it, and now’s the perfect time to prepare your car for poor ...
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Filling a windshield washer fluid tank.

Which windshield washer fluid should you use?

Some say Canada has two seasons: winter and construction. Whether you're driving through a slushy snowstorm or down a dusty, ...
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Couple witnessing road rage

What to do if another driver exhibits signs of road rage

Dealing with another driver's road rage can be incredibly stressful and scary, and it can even lead to dangerous driving ...
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Additional Living Expenses insurance covers family meals while fire damaged house is getting repaired.

What is ‘Additional Living Expenses’ coverage in home insurance?

Your home insurance policy can protect you from so much more than physical damage to your property and liability claims ...
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Flood damage of homes preventative measures

How to prevent flood damage in your home

When water ends up where it doesn’t belong, it can do a good deal of damage — but many homeowners ...
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People discussing the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value

What’s the difference between replacement cost and actual cash value?

“Replacement cost” and “actual cash value” are two of the most common calculations insurers use to determine the amount a ...
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couple reading over insurance deductibles

The lowdown on insurance deductibles

Have you ever looked through your insurance policy and felt like you were reading another language? Understanding insurance terminology might ...
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What is the role of an insurance claims adjuster

What is the role of an insurance claims adjuster?

Your insurance company wants to help make it as easy as possible for you get back to normal after an ...
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Securely lit home for winter holiday

How to keep your home safe and secure when you head down south for the season

If you’re planning on moving south to escape the winter weather, check these 10 things off your to-do list to ...
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