3 Good Reasons Millennials Need Life Insurance

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The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has contributed to a spike in interest in life insurance for many Millennials.

Recent post-secondary graduates are still settling in their first homes. Many are balancing new careers, school loans combined with the escalating cost of life while raising young families. Hitting these major milestones can seem overwhelming in the best of times. With the ongoing turbulence of the pandemic, many are realizing that, should the unforeseen happen to them these debts and financial responsibilities are passed on to their loved ones. Investing in life insurance is not a fear-based decision, it provides long-term financial security to those left behind. For the savvy Millennial, life insurance is an important investment to protect their spouse, children, and in some cases, their parents and siblings.

So why do millennials need life insurance? Here are 3 good reasons:
  1. Outstanding debts
  2. Life Insurance rates
  3. Leaving a legacy with a gift to a valued charitable cause

To learn more about these reasons, read the full Canada Protection Plan article.

Find out whether Term Life Insurance or Permanent Life Insurance is the best plan of Life Insurance for you. Our professional financial advisors and insurance brokers can help you choose the life insurance to suit your needs for long-term financial security for your loved ones.